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About us

It all started in 2019 when Nadav Mansdorf’s phone was ringing at 4:30AM with Eran Oren on the line stating that: “I think I’ve just found the solution for the world’s biggest problem”.


Both Eran and Nadav were searching for the past decade for solutions to the increasing global warming. They reached Carbon Capture after exploring and investigating the current solutions and technologies being used to fight climate change.

Through that journey of exploration, they found out that the true impactful solution has to be in the DACCS domain.


We are working on the first-of-its-kind solution to remove a billion tons of carbon so our kids can live on earth.

Why HACCing?

HACCing is High Hopes’ unique methodology for DACCS.

It stands for High Altitude Carbon Capture.

High-Hopes Labs is built around a simple physics fact – the colder it is, the easier it is to separate carbon dioxide from the rest of the atmosphere. And the most accessible place with constantly low temperatures is high above the clouds.

By sending high altitude platforms to the place where the temperature can be as low as -90 degrees Celsius (-130F), most physics and chemistry based methods for carbon capture work more efficiently.

The continuous strong winds allow for a constant supply of CO2 to be captured and thus the wind can be used for part of the separation process.


High-Hopes Labs is developing and deploying payloads for the optimal capture process in cryogenic surroundings. In surroundings of -70 degrees, a reduction of about 30 degrees Celsius is sufficient to have carbon dioxide freeze.


The most simplistic methods are based on simply reducing the temperature to promote the carbon dioxide to freeze out of the air. When it sets as solid flakes, it is relatively more simple to keep it in high pressure storage.

The HACCing method has multiple advantages including:

It can be efficiently scaled

It can be done in otherwise unused areas

It allows a breakthrough in terms of costs

It holds the potential to reverse the damage

It dramatically reduces the energy consumption (when compared with current DACCS solutions)

It’s rather simple (as much as you can call complex physics and chemistry methods simple)

Why High Hopes?

It’s time we aim higher.

The High-Hopes Labs team acknowledges the urgency of the matter. We need to #actnow and #actsmart

High altitude platforms have been consistently improving over the past decades, now allowing access to the top of the troposphere, which opens up a whole new world of energy efficiency.

In the equation of social and international justice, it is commonly brought up that the nations contributing least to pollution stand to lose the most from climate change.

HACCing can help reverse this by introducing cleaning technologies to areas that are otherwise deprived of resources or attention.

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